Zoning Applications


Please call the Zoning Office at 234-9661 to find out whether your proposed use or project is allowed in the Zoning District or click on "publications" and select Amended Saipan Zoning Law of 2013 and then select Article 4 to see the descriptions of each use and the districts it is allowed in before proceeding to complete any Zoning Application.  Providing us with the following information will assist with expeditious processing of your inquiries:

  1. Proposed use (what type of project or business do you intend to operate?)
  2. Property Lot No.

Available Application Forms:

Application type Category Use
Home Business Residential Business within a Home
Single Family Dwelling Residential Residential House
Conditional Use Commercial To develop a use which requires public hearing and Board approval
Minor Site Plan Commercial Any project that does not involve a major site plan. 
**Fence questionnaire must also be included with permit application for all fencing projects.
Major Site Plan Commercial Project that involves the construction of a new building or major expansion of an existing structure
Rezone Commercial To change district boundaries
Sign Commercial Business advertisement signages on a building, façade, ground, or windows
Zoning Permit Commercial To occupy existing structure for a non-residential use
Temporary Use Residential/ Commercial For special events, roadside merchandise stand, video/ movie production, construction materials yard, temporary batch plants
Verification of Non Conforming Use/ Structure Residential/ Commercial To register any use or structure which pre-existed the Saipan Zoning Law
Zoning Inquiry Form Residential/ Commercial For Zoning clearances (land clearing, remodeling/ renovation without floor extensions, building occupancy certificate,  event sign less than 30 days, etc)

Zoning Application Fees